Posted on: April 10, 2008 9:08 am

I will accept no vindication

OK, I have received a few messages saying that my "Thug Theory of Team sports" was once again spot-on Monday night.  Memphis is a team that was built to choke at just the right time.  Teams like Memphis always look like world-beaters until a pressure situation comes up and they choke it away. I flash backward to Michigan and the Fab Five (illegally recruited diaper dandies bay-be, TIME OUT, TIME OUT, WAIT!), and I predict the story will end the same way.  Hopefully not with Tractor Traylor and Mateen Cleaves in an SUV rollover.  Memphis Tigers, Worldwide Wes, Coach Cal, I know that you are in mourning, but let not your heart be troubled.  Playing in the championship game will be the pinnacle of this ride, when you're all giving affidavits to account for your actions that brought all of those players to Memphis in the first place.  Maybe Milt Wagner will give you a place to stay.

Thank you, Kansas, for stopping this team from achieving any UNLV-like fake legitimacy that a NC would've provided.  I know, as Tark would say, "you can't prove anything", which is a far cry from "I didn't do anything".


"That's right...I said it!"...Nature Boy Buddy Landell

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